The Wikipedia describes Factory as a place where workers manufacture goods. For us, computer scientists, Functory is a place where functional workers are manufacturing programs. Further, we achieve lean manufacturing - making use of the resources efficiently as well as effectively.

What is Functory?

Functory is a distributed computing library for Objective Caml which facilitates distributed execution of parallelizable  computations in a seamless fashion. Further, it is polymorphic, incorporates a robust fault-tolerant mechanism and is already being deployed in real-world applications.

More details are available in this technical report.

What is it not?

Functory does not help you in parallelizing your computations. It just helps in distributing computations that are known to

be parallelizable.

Why is it cool?


  1. -has various APIs for various scenarios

  2. -is polymorphic

  3. -has robust fault-tolerance mechanism

  4. -provides features that enable seamless and easy transfer from multi-core to networked execution

Why is it lean?

It helps you utilize your computing infrastructure (available resources) efficiently.

Who uses it?

It is already being put to use for computationally intensive verification tasks within our research team - Proval

and the results are encouraging.